Importing and registering my car in France


French car registration certificate is historically called in France "Carte Grise" even if the official name is "Certificat d'immatriculation". Its cost is mainly composed by taxes that depend on the region where you live. Taxes are calculated with the power of your car and its type of fuel.

1. How to import my car in France ?

If you live in France and you wish to import your « foreign » car you will have to register it in France. Thus, you have to follow a procedure with several documents to add to your file.

2. What are the documents requested to get my french car registration certificate ?

You will need to bring together some documents in order to proceed to your demand. Depending on your country and your personal situation, the list below is non-exhaustive and some additional documents may be asked by the administration:

  • Driving license
  • Current Car registration certificate
  • European certificate of conformity
  • MOT (technical inspection for a vehicule older than 4 years)
  • Invoice with your name & adress, less than 6 months. (gas, power, telephone, rent)
  • Quitus fiscal (to be asked to your local Tax office)

3. Where to ask my french car registration certificate ?

Your request can be made on the administration website « ANTS« . You will have to create an account, choose your category and load your documents.

Carington can manage your request for you, in helping to build your file and prepare the procedure with the french administration. You will not waste your time and be sure the request will be perfectly executed.
Do not hesitate to contact us by email at for any question.

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